Nani Maurer


Nani has been riding a motor bike since his 6th birthday. His first bike was a Yamaha Ft1, which was completely new built. Since he was young he admires the sound, the smoke, the asphalt, the smell of gasoline and the freedom. In 2013 he built his first Bmw Cafe Racer. Within the years he rebuilt other Bmw‘s and now he lives his passion. 

Kurt Maurer 


Since 1976 Kurt rides motor-bikes and since ever he lives for the bike lifestyle and the music of the 60ies and 70ies.

In 1979 he started his first Morocco adventure. Nowadays he has been to Morocco more than 35 times. He attends his adventures by different vehicles: Yamaha Xt 500, Bmw r80 GS, Bmw r1200 GS or also by VW Bus Type 2. Since 2013 he‘s screwing on Bmw bikes with Nani and gives the motor-bikes a new life. He is the soul of CCR - wild and rebellious!